Korean Adoption

Big News!

We have some pretty exciting news to share… We are officially a waiting family!!! All of our paperwork (dossier) was sent to Korea today, and we are now waiting to be matched with our sweet baby! We are over the moon excited to finally have our file in Korea. This is a really huge step in the adoption process, and although we know there will be some waiting ahead of us, we know the wait for our baby is going to be so worth it.

Now what? Now we wait. There is no way to predict how long it will take to be matched with our child. Obviously, we hope that it will be a quick wait, but realistically, we are hoping to be matched by the end of summer. That would mean that by the time all of our other paperwork is finished in Korea, we would be brining our child home this time next year. Again, we know there are no guarantees, but that is what we are holding on to right now.

We appreciate all of you prayers so much, and at this point in the process, we ask that you continue to pray for our sweet baby and their birth parents. This is an exciting time for us, but across the world, a family is making a very difficult decision. We pray God lifts them up as they go through the grieving process, and that they find some peace knowing we will love their child with all of our hearts.

We are one HUGE step closer to Bringing Home Baby Stoyk!

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